Ok – you are convinced you want to have a Legacy Film created for you and by you.  What’s the process and how does all this work? 


Your project will be handled in 4 distinct phases with each phase building off the preceding one.  Phase 1 will DEVELOP and determine the scope of your film.  During this phase, we will determine things like:

·         How many minutes do you want your movie to be?

·         Do you want mini-movies based on different themes/subjects/people?

·         Do you want music?  What kind and from what era?

·         Do you have photographs you want to include? 

·         Do you know who you are making this movie for? 

·         How many people do you think will be appearing in the production?

And so on.  We will ask you lots of questions.  In some cases, you won’t know the answer – that’s okay.  We will work with you to help you make decisions.  Before moving on we will ask you to approve our Movie Scope document as it is foundational to moving on to Phase 2.  We may even ask you twice to approve the scope…It’s that important.


Phase 2 is geared towards creating an extremely detailed SCRIPT for your legacy movie.  During Phase 2, we work on getting photographs organized, providing story titles and points, obtaining some music clips for your consideration, determining possible shoot dates, and obtaining all necessary permits and licenses.  Think of Phase 2 as the ‘doing’ phase.  It is the activity and planning stage to make sure the fun of Phase 3 (the shoot day!) is a beautiful experience for you.

Phase 3 is The Shoot Day!  This is the day when you get to experience the joy, butterflies and pride of appearing on camera as your natural and authentic-self.  Before the big day, Hollywood actor and on-camera coach, Kate Zenna, will share tips on how to beat your nerves while in front of camera.  Kate will make even the most camera shy person feel at ease - we promise! We have developed a method that insures that you will forget about cameras and the film crew within 5 minutes of sitting down.  But there is more to your Shoot Day experience than just sitting down for your interview and/or discussion.  Part of the experience is:

IMG_1676KZDirectingSteve_ copy.JPG

·         Having your hair and makeup done by a professional makeup artist (yes, for you boys as well!)

·         A snack table tailored towards your eating habits and desires and a catered lunch

·         Watching the crew set up lighting and camera rigs whether it is in your home or in a studio

·         Watching the set decorators create magic so your film looks as natural (or vintage) as you desire

·         Watching your family and friends as they are being filmed (and share their love for YOU)

·         Spending time with the crew to learn what life as a filmmaker is like

·         Watching how we process the footage taken by the different cameras to prepare for editing later

Essentially, the Shoot Day (or Days) is all about insuring that 1) You and your family have a massively fun experience, and 2) We will get all the footage we need to continue the artistic and creative exercise of creating your Legacy Film.  Which is Phase 4.

IMG_1824DW&AlisonatMonitor___ copy.JPG

Phase 4.  During this 'Post Production' phase we create a 'first cut' of your Legacy Film for you to see the direction we are taking.  If we are going down the wrong path (which has never happened to us because of all the work, we put into Development and Pre-Production) we discuss with you what needs to be done.  Once our direction is approved we continue with our magic-making and soon submit a tentative-final version of the film for your approval.   After that it is only be a matter of time before you will be watching your Legacy Film in the comfort of your own home.