Legacy Film clients offer rave reviews of their ZennaWolfe experience

We understand how busy you are, and perhaps more importantly, we know how discerning you are – in every area of your life.  And that’s why we work around your lifestyle and schedule.  In short – we come to you.  If you want to shoot your film in your Wyoming log cabin, we’re there.  Or we can book a Hollywood studio.  Or you can simply come to our locations in Palm Springs and let us handle all the details without the fuss of having your home overtaken by our production crew…

Our high-end approach is why we only take on a few films each year, similar to how Rolls-Royce always has a limited production run.  Quality takes time and it takes precision.  Our clients possess refined taste and expect the best.  Yes – we make films and darn good ones – but all of us understand that we are in the Experience business.  That’s why our clients choose to be guided through their Legacy Film project by the elegance of author Diana Wentworth, the Hollywood expertise of Kate Zenna, and the backroom production genius of business leader David Wolfe.

Everything we do at ZennaWolfe Legacy Films is CUSTOM.  Everything.  Yes, we have templates, but we only use them as a starting point.  To us – EVERYTHING is on the table at the beginning of the process as we (you and us) take your unformed piece of clay and create the backbone of what will become your priceless Legacy Film.  You may notice that we ask you many, many questions during this creation process.  We do this in an effort to discern what it is that will delight you and serve YOUR legacy in the best way. We work hard to really 'feel' what it is YOU want to convey to your audience about your life and/or the story of your family. 

We help you tell your untold stories and add inspiring music to make them even more powerful using songs from time periods and/or artists who are meaningful to you and the people in your life. Your collection of personal photographs can be included as well. A photographic montage set to the right music can convey the true spirit of a loved one or a life chapter.

We have developed a unique method of taking away any camera-shyness or performance nerves.  And this method, developed by your on-set director, Hollywood actress Kate Zenna, has worked on EVERYBODY we have worked with.  From the most introverted accountant to the most experienced and extroverted professionals.  Kate completely takes care of you on set.  Within 5 minutes you will forget there are even cameras around you.  You will simply be enjoying a nice chat between you and Kate.  (Go watch the movie at www.zennawolfe.com)

A nice bi-product of the ZennaWolfe Legacy Film process is re-living portions of your life as we go through Phase 1 and Phase 2 together.  You will likely feel a sense of pride growing as we methodically work through the building of your film culminating in the finished product which you can hold out to the world and say:

“This I have done.  This is my life!”