What is a Legacy?


It’s a family...A company built.  Maybe a body of work. Or a marriage...Team accomplishments.  

Lessons learned over a lifetime to be passed down.  Or… a thank you to be communicated ‘up’ before it’s too late…

A ZennaWolfe Legacy Film is a movie about a life shared with others.  A film tailored to celebrate accomplishments.  Telling the stories of a life lived.  It can be one long feature film or broken into smaller vignettes.  Or something in between.

Ambition, initiative, drive, grit, ingenuity, and hard work are common traits of ZennaWolfe Legacy Film clients.  Many are afraid that the lessons of their life will be lost - never to be valued by the next generation.  It's a common fear that in today’s cluttered world a legacy will be forgotten. 

But everybody, of any age, will watch a movie. Particularly, and especially, if it is about your family.  Or your teammates.  Work partners and colleagues.  Or maybe your comrades in arms.

A ZennaWolfe Legacy Film is an elegant and soulful experience.  It is an exercise in teaching, giving back, and a celebration for a life well lived.



Meet the Partners of ZennaWolfe Legacy Films - Diana von Welanetz Wentworth, Kate Zenna, and David Wolfe.


Learn how we take you from your original concept/vision to a full feature film created especially for you and your expressed wishes.



Have you ever wanted to feel like a movie star?  Well get ready - you and your family are in for the experience of a lifetime.